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And Find Out How to Improve The Performance of Your Landing Page
On average just 2% of website visitors convert into leads and patients. Which means 98% of visitors leave the website without taking a buying action. With such a high number of visitors leaving your website without taking action, isn’t it just good business practice to try and find out why?
In our conversion audit, we use heuristic analysis principles to go through and identify:
  • What’s causing visitors to leave your landing page without becoming a patient
  • The bottlenecks and friction points on your landing page that are preventing more people from taking action
  • Which Critical Success Factors are missing from your landing page, which could significantly increase leads and patients
A decorated general of the United States Marine Corps was once quoted: “To lack intelligence is to be in the boxing ring blindfolded.” Don’t be blindfolded in your marketing. Gain useful insights and discover what changes will lead to more profits. Just enter your details below and specify just one page only that you would like us to audit. We’ll email it straight back to you, showing you how to improve its performance.
How to Improve The Performance of Your Landing Page

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